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Davao City wishes you the best Christmas HO Ho ho

Yes I Know.   Why am I posting Merry Christmas on the 1st Day of September

Davao City Christmas lights at night

The longest Christmas celebrations in the world

Well SeptemBER is a “ber” month so its Christmas – simple as that

While the rest of the world is anticipating other holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween, Christmas songs are already played in malls of Davao City and on radio stations.

The Philippines has the most extended Christmas in the world. And Davao likes to make the best of it that it can;

It all ends on the 6th of January

I was having my first year in Davao, and I got out of my car to be greeted by the 33-degree heat and ‘Dashing through the snow’ being played on the tannoy system surrounding the car park.


Carols will be played in all the major shopping malls and grocery stores, and you will start to see decorations being put up and the “Christmas offers and Bargains being announced

The temperatures start to drop a little from now until into the new year and the typhoon season should be coming to a slow ending (hopefully)

But why does Davao City have such an extended time

Family-the core of the Filipino lives, with Christmas being the time families reunite. It is expected that Filipinos should spend Christmas at home with family if at all possible

There is a huge Filipino ex-pat community around the world as well as those working in other cities.

The extended Christmas season gives ample opportunity for families to get back together.

Filipinos take “Home for Christmas” seriously.

The long Christmas season gives Filipinos enough time to prepare on how they will be spending their Christmas time. There are travel plans to make and savings to be counted for the Christmas gifts

Most of all, the extended Christmas sets the mood for giving, charity, and love for one another that will cumulate on the dinner table during the festive Noche Buena  the most essential Christmas celebrations for members of Spanish-influenced cultures.

The people of Davao love to celebrate Christmas as you will find out in your new Life in Davao

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