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Rent accommodation in Davao. 

The housing options 

I am only going to explore what I believe to be the main categories that will be of interest to Ex-Pats.

Although I will go into ownership in more in-depth detail in another article, I want to state that no matter what you have heard or read about elsewhere FOREIGNERS CANNOT OWN LAND.

You can own property, but you cannot own the land that it stands on.  Only Filipino citizens can own land.

You can lease the land for long periods of time with an option to renew.   You can own any property that you build on the leased land.

You can own a condo as long as the complex is 60% or more owned by Filipino.

That leaves you with renting short or long term and in many ways a better option.

You should think long and hard before building a house in Davao.  There are many problems to overcome.   I know I have done it.   It is outside the scope of this website to go into the ins and outs of house building.

I am happy to advise on a consultancy base which believe me will save you tens in not hundreds of thousands of Peso.

Please contact me here

Digaram of house to rent in davao

There are various options to rent

  • Furnished, part furnished or bare rent
  • Outside of a subdivision
  • Inside of a subdivision but unguarded
  • A Guarded subdivision standard security
  • A Guarded subdivision with enhanced Security
  • Low, Mid Range, mid to high, high and exclusive
  • City centre, midpoint or further out
  • Condo, Bungalow, two stories, townhouse, detached
  • Carport, garage, on-street parking
  • Staffroom, no staffroom, outside staffroom

Ilumina Est e1600484862989

Housing Costs

From one end of the spectrum to another, a small two-bedroom unfurnished house in an outlying area on an unguarded subdivision would be around 4 to 6000 per month.

A high end exclusive 2/3 bedroom house on an inner City enhanced security Subdivision would be 75,000 per month plus

The sweet spot is on a mid to upper mid guarded subdivision with no staff quarters.

Fully furnished would be 25 to 35,000 and unfurnished 20 to 25,000. Most Expats are in the 20,000 to 40,000 Peso per month rental range.

Renting a furnished place for the first year is the best idea while you find your feet After then you will be in a much better position to decide your next step.

If you decide to rent long term then buying your furniture and renting property unfurnished will be the better option.


Renting unfurnished can give savings as much as 20%, and of course, you will have the furniture and items that are suitable for the lifestyle that you want to live.

This company,  Mandaue Foam, offers reasonable quality and realistically priced furniture and interior decorations and will deliver and assemble as needed in Davao city. They also have a showroom in Lanang. 

The second-hand market for decent furniture in Davao is minimal, and the small price difference between pre-owned, and new is hardly worth it.

There are a few Facebook groups that come and go as far as being on point for rentals.  Please contact me, and I will give you the ones that are currently trending.

The rents that asked on the sites are speculative.  There is always room for negotiation, and if you are set on a place, you could offer to pay six months upfront, that always helps the price to come down.

This piece will only give you a broad idea of the housing situation in Davao.

Once you have a date for coming to Davao, then please contact me directly so I can get a better idea of your circumstances and needs.

Thank you for reading this Blog from Life in Davao

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