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Looking after your health in Davao

health and wellness

Day to day health

It this age of the internet just about everyone can become an instant expert.  Most of us do it when we are not feeling 100%, and it’s not something we usually experience is to turn to the internet and diagnose ourselves.  

It is essential to follow the maxim “Prevention is better than cure” There are two everyday things that can and will cause you problems.

Stings and Sunshine.  Take what every preventive measure you can to avoid both. Malaria and Dengue, especially Dengue, can be a problem in the Davao area in particular from June to November – the rainy season.  

Outside of the house keep covered up and wear insect repellent especially if you are heading out of the Davao City main area including the nearby island of Samal.

The sunshine in Davao, especially in summer March to June is extreme being 11+ UV index (off the scale) often. Seek shade, don’t be self-conscious about being under an umbrella and keep hydrated

Most of the worst sunburn happens when people are swimming.   Be extremely careful especially in the first few weeks and do your swimming before 10 am and after 4 pm, just like the locals

UV Index 1

For typical colds then there is medicine here widely used in tablet form called “Bio-Flu” it is the go-to medicine of choice for most people to deal with the common cold. It is easily sourced in all pharmacies and not expensive.

At home, you should keep a minimum of

Bio-Flu, Parcitomal, and Advil
Ispropranay alcohol 70% strength
Iodine solution
Cotton wool

If you have daily medicine, always keep a two week to one-month stock incase your local pharmacy runs out, and you need to start searching around Davao.

Anti-Biotics are only available with a prescription.  Most people look to buy generic brands of medicine.

Further health considerations

Doctors, consultants, specialists

There are two main places that you can find medical professionals. Rented offices/surgeries in the Hospitals or Clinics that are with a joint business venture between doctors outside of the hospitals.  

It is not unusual for the Doctor to have more than one point of contact with a presence in 2 or 3 hospitals and clinics.  If your condition requires frequent testing, do your research and find the cheapest hospital for that test that your Doctor is working out off. 

Testing Clinics (blood work Etc)

Can be found in Hospitals and independent laboratories dotted around

The hospitals are the one-stop-shop for just about every ailment, injury or medical procedure needed.


Davao Doctors Hospital

The most well known, most modern and with the best facilities in The Davao Doctors hospital known locally as “Davao Doc’s.”

Centrally located and with all the best and most sought after doctors consultants, surgeons and specialist having an office here. 

Most of them will have an office in at least one other hospital as well as clinics dotted around the City.

Davao Docs

San Pedro Hospital

Situated behind Gasinamo Mall, Bajada is a large also well-equipped hospital with many of the same Doctors that frequent Davao Doc,s.

It’s building, not so well presented, but the same tests and many procedures are carried out here cheaper than Davao Docs.

San Pedro Health Hospital

Brokenshire Hospital

A smaller Hospital complex but has some excellent Cardiac Doctors (also found at Davao Doctors)

They do a comprehensive “Executive Checkup” for around 15,000 Peso for a day of test of all the significant organs followed by an interview with a consultant if anything is not quite what it should be


The above are the big three that will cover 95% of your needs. If you have an ongoing medical concern, it is worth investigating all 3 when you arrive.

 Also if you are seeking to find a specialist Doctor, make yourself an appointment and if you feel comfortable then complete any tests (there will be many)that they want and you are then ready in case you’re in need.

As a Guideline, an appointment with a Doctor will be around 350 – 450 Peso and a consultant around 600 to 800 Peso.

Most senior doctors and consultants have received western style training from aboard usually the USA.

For first time visits you usually have to go and queue, after that you can generally get a better idea for a time that the Doctor will be available. Speak to the receptionist politely and with a smile as she controls the access to the Doctor


Some dentists are located in hospitals and Malls, but they are expensive. There are many dentists scattered all over the City.

With Dentists, it can pay to shop around for standard procedure such as cleaning as the prices can fluctuate considerably between practices.

Complicated procedures should be taken to the top internationally trained dentist in hospitals.

Cleaning and basic fillings can be left to the more reasonably priced places.

Dentures from cheap 8000 to expensive 20,000 + fashioned to order in most dentist surgeries.

Getting a quote by phone by a local contact or taking that contact with you can help to make sure that you get the standard local price

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