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What is available, how much is the rent.  Is it a good part of the City.  There are many options open to you

Cost of living

How much does it cost to live in Davao city?  What can I expect my monthly outgoings to be.


Waiting Post COVID – 19 Infomation.  Just now applications for are though the embassy  

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Fields of expertise.

What to Bring

Some quality Items are not available in Davao

What NOT to bring

Shipping is expensive.  It is sometimes beret to sell there and buy again here

Food and Cooking

There may  be less choice in Davao than you are use to

Things to Do

Davao can be an active place but it lacks certain culture entertainment

Local Travel

Mindanao has plenty f places to visit and things to see

Culture Tips

Just because English is widely spoken does not mean this is a western country

Mount Apo. Philippines highest Mountain

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